“I’m working for a
Climate-Smart Alice!”

Vote 1 Kim Hopper for bold leadership that focuses on community resilience

Climate-Smart Council

By transitioning all Council assets to renewables we can save money, create jobs and enhance opportunities in our town. We can champion projects like Community-owned solar that keep dollars in our town, reduce costs for Council, local business and residents and attract new investment. This is about leading by example, mobilising stakeholders and creating a brighter future for our Solar City. We can’t afford to get left behind as the rest of the country transitions to lower cost, clean energy. We must plan NOW so that we thrive into the future.

Community Resilience

Council should be meeting the needs of our community and that means creating more opportunities for civic participation in planning the future of our town. We need to identify the holes in the amenity of our town through proper consultation with the people on the ground who are most impacted by our planning and investment decisions. This is about community-centred decision making and smart, long-term solutions. It’s also about creating more opportunities for community connection to strengthen social inclusion and belonging. If the intentions and the process are genuine we should be creating first-class solutions to our problems, not in years to come but NOW.

Invest in Young People

Our town needs solutions for young people. We must be prioritising a re-investment strategy that focuses on the needs of families and young people in our town. Council can not fix all our problems but it can start the conversation, bring the right people to the table and keep the long-term vision in focus. We want our young people to be centred in these solutions so they feel connected, committed and valued – they are the future of this town and we need to invest in our shared future. We need to be dedicated and accountable to a long-term plan with actions that start NOW.